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May we introduce? jBrickie! [en]

CI:A - Certus In Audio (cia) / 24 Mar 2020
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May we introduce? jBrickie!

jBrickie is our new project... a "server application"... there follows a short introduction to this idea, to our new project:


jBrickie is a small application, written entirely in Java, with which you can easily create your own server applications (server modules for jBrickie, so-called "bricks").

This application has a certain similarity to the Internet superserver "inetd" or "xinetd", which can be found under many Linux distributions. However, this application is suitable for operation of small to medium size queries/networks. An installation of this application is not required; it can be downloaded and stored in any directory (and of course it can be run from anywhere). For the operation of this application, only a JRE (Java Runtime Environment), better JDK (Java Development Kit) must be installed.

jBrickie is the basic framework for building server software. To operate certain servers, server modules are required, which are loaded by this framework when the application is started. Server modules can either be downloaded (there are already pre-built server modules for this framework) or even programmed (even online/at application runtime - in Java). Server modules must be available either as a Java archive file (.jar), as Java class files (.class), or as a Java source code file (.java) in the same directory as this framework (or by configuration setting "path to server modules"). Such server modules, which are available as a Java source code file (.java), are automatically compiled when the application starts (depending on the corresponding configuration setting). However, this requires the availability of a compatible JDK (Java Development Kit). Further information about creating own server modules can be obtained from the already pre-built server modules -or- from the application -or- (if available) from the online documentation.


At the moment this project is at a very early stage, but we hope that we can publish first impressions and further information about jBrickie very soon.

We are looking forward to it!
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Last changed: 30 Mar 2020


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