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UR:hot - UPDATE (v1.36) [en]

CI:A - Certus In Audio (cia) / 10 May 2016
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UR:hot - UPDATE (v1.36)

Site manager, promotion portal and music store for artists/bands in the world.


"Discover great new music from artists/bands all over the world!"


Founded by CI:A - Certus In Audio, UR:hot is a site manager, promotion portal and music store for artists/bands in the world. It is made from artists for artists. Artists/Bands can manage, design and promote their sites and sell their music (or packages, means other files) on an easy way! No need for technical know-how, no need to install any software, no need to download updates again and again... Just start promotion and sell your music - that simple!


Some of the features:

  • no contract commitment: just close your account whenever you want! - or choose a free account (with full features)
  • web interface account manager: do your business from all over the world, whenever you want without the need to install any third party software!
  • get 100 % (!) - yes, one-hundred-percent, of your revenue!
  • pay and sell through PayPal: it is simple, fast, safe, - the standard for ePayment
  • get full access/control of your account, informations, payments, sales, statistics...
  • secure (encrypted) sessions through SSL
  • support for a wide range of common browsers, even mobile devices
  • no ads and no tracking plugins in user sites
  • unlimited number of file uploads/downloads - only file storage is limited
  • manage files in your account folder with a wide range of supported file types
  • style your site with the Site-Designer (WYSIWYG editor): as a professional, edit HTML source directly - or - simply use modules and templates to design your site
  • upload and use your own HTML-, CSS-, JavaScript- files; or media files such as Flash
  • support for RSS, Sitemap and OpenSearch for your site
  • manage an unlimited number of albums - sub albums are supported -, tracks and packages
  • view, manage, search and export sales/statistics: e.g. if you need to archive sales/statistics data
  • use build-in tools, such as an Audio-Converter, a Prelisten-Generator, and many more...
  • direct support and consulting through our technical experts, sound professionals and even musicans
  • continuous improvement process (CIP) on our services, tools, systems
  • stay up-to-date with our system announcements
  • » and many more...



UR:hot (


Last changed: 21 Oct 2017


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