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Welcome to CI:A - Certus In Audio! [en]

CI:A - Certus In Audio (cia) / 14 Feb 2014
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CI:A - Certus In AudioWelcome to CI:A - Certus In Audio!


On the following pages, you will find an extract from our main service offered, which will inform you about the various service, as well as informations about us, software products, online tools, and -of course- latest news and infos.


CI:A - Certus In Audio (short CI:A) is an independent agency, that offers audio-, music-, band- and IT-solutions. At the same time CI:A is also an independent music label and a band/artist development - and management - agency. CI:A was founded in 2014. It is privately held and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and operates with many other agencies, freelancers and artists in music business. CI:A also offers music mixing - and mastering services and website-/software - development on clients needs. There are several major projects created/developed and maintained by CI:A, which you can find at this website. CI:A's primarily target is to help unsigned/unknown bands/artists on their first steps in music business, to be fair, to be independent, to be transparent to its clients and -of course- to be nice to its bands and artists. ;-)


To Be Brief:


CI:A - Certus In Audio: music label, band/artist development - and management - agency, music mixing - and mastering services, website-/software - development, IT consulting.

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