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New API: Tinymusicplayer_list [en]

CI:A - Certus In Audio (cia) / 15 Dec 2020
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Tinymusicplayer_list (v1.0.0-20201215)


Dear user,

we would like to announce that we have added the new API(s)/file(s) 'Tinymusicplayer_list' on this site. As you may already know, we provide on this website so-called APIs that can be freely used. These APIs have different purposes of use, e.g. 'qrcode' for creating QR codes etc. The respective purpose of use and information about the usage of the individual APIs can be found in the corresponding help texts. Some APIs also have user interfaces (or wizards) to facilitate their use.

The following list contains all files included to the API 'Tinymusicplayer_list':

tinymusicplayer_list.htm (text/html; charset=utf-8 , 306237 bytes)
tinymusicplayer_list.html (text/html; charset=utf-8 , 306237 bytes)
tinymusicplayer_list.xml (text/xml , 169690 bytes)


We hope you find this API useful.

Best regards,
CI:A - Certus In Audio

Last changed: 15 Dec 2020


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