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Website - new option available: show content only [en]

CI:A - Certus In Audio (cia) / 23 Aug 2016
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Website - new option available: "show content only"


Dear Guests,

we implemented a new option at our website: "show content only". This allows you to show a desired page with its contents only, without the header-, footer- and sidebar - sections (and/or other stuff). We think this is very useful if you would like to read a page with a lot of text (for an example). Also, you might use this option if you include a page of our website (e.g. as IFrame) into your website.


You can find a new button located in the footer-section of every page. The corresponding parameter key name is "contentonly".


We hope you find this option useful.


Best regards. :-)

Last changed: 07 Jan 2018


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