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Page/Module: Help/Infos (Add)

The page / module "Help / Infos (Add)" allows the visitor of our website to send us a request for a new topic. This means that a visitor has the opportunity to ask us a question on a specific topic and, if given, to provide a corresponding answer. If there is no answer, we will of course strive for it.

This has the background that with time the scope of the pages / modules has become increasingly larger, and thus also the complexity of individual functions / options. If, for example, questions or even problems arise in the use of certain services, a request can be made to us here. However, if the visitor has already found a solution to this and wants to make it public, this can also be done via this page.

The form for making a request for a new topic is similar to the contact form in the simple version. Here are just a few fields to fill in and enter the validation code correctly.

It is extremely helpful to describe the question / problem as accurately as possible and, of course, where the question / problem arises (which page / module). However, if you already have a suitable solution ready, you can enter the solution in the field for the question.

We sincerely thank you for all requests and for solutions.


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