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Option (Footer): Dialog

Clicking on this option in the footer allows you to create a dialog window or an info-box that will be displayed when you load a page on our website. Two parameters are requested: title and text. The title defines the title of the dialog window or the info-box, the text defines the textual message that is displayed within the dialog window or the info-box. The title of the corresponding page changes to 1 when the OK button is clicked, and to 0 when the Cancel button is clicked.

This function can also be called via URL/Get - parameters; the syntax is as follows ->


a freely selectable title, which is displayed in the dialog window or in the info-box

*) TEXT:
a freely selectable message which is displayed within the dialog window or the info-box

a freely selectable (short) text to be used for the OK button

a freely selectable (short) text to be used for the Abort button

*) DIALOG-TYPE (0 or 1):
0 = dialog window
1 = info-box

For example:$This is a test...$Cool$Oh$0

Or:$This is a test...$Cool$Oh$1


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