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Page/Module: Latest News

The "Latest News" page / module contains important news or other informative news, most of which relates to all relevant topics related to our services or products. However, some other news are also published, which according to our estimates should also be listed. The messages appear in categories according to their affiliation.

The overview page displays all messages as a list. Here the visitor gets an overview of the individual entries.

In square brackets, the title of a message is preceded by the category. Clicking on a category sets a filter that displays only messages of the desired category. In order to remove the filter for a category and to display all messages, you can click on the option "Latest News" at the top of the overview page.

Clicking on the title of a message (or on the "Read More" option below each entry) opens the page of the message. Next to the title is the release date of the message. Below the title is a short description of the message.

In order not to let the list of messages in the overview page be too long, they are split up on different pages. These pages can be changed through the options "previous page" and "next page". In the middle of these two options is the current page or position within the available pages.

If a page of a message is opened, the entire content is displayed there. Above the page is another filter for category selection. With a click on the option "Back" (below the message) you get back to the overview page.


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