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Option (Footer): Background

This option in the footer has two functions: "set" and "remove".

By means of the function "set" it is possible to set a separate background for the pages, either an image (this must be accessible via web access) or as a hexadecimal color value.

An image must be reachable via FTP, HTTP or HTTPS, for example:



If, on the other hand, you want to set a color as the background, you must specify this in the hexadecimal format 'RRGGBB', where 'RR' stands for the red component, 'GG' for the green component and 'BB' for the blue component.

For example:

FF0000 = red
00FF00 = green
0000FF = blue

The background can also be set using an URL/Get - parameter 'background = [URL or color value]', for example:


To reset the background to the default background, simply click on the 'remove' button of the 'background' - option in the footer.

This can also be done by passing an URL/Get - parameter 'background=', for example:


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